Thursday, October 2, 2008

And today was a day just like any other...

Lately I've becoming increasingly interested in myself. As arrogant as that may sound it really isn't meant in that way. More interested in myself as who I am, not what I am. I've found myself developing a need to hold on to different aspects of what I am in an effort to keep control of who I am. What I am is blonde hair, blue eyes. What I am is a lacrosse player. What I am is confused. Who I am is confident. Who I am enjoys the benefits of hard work. Who I am is thankful for all that God has given me.

Sometimes I think people end up making a fallacy of composition when it comes to other people. A fallacy that if they can figure out all the whats of a person then they can know the who. If a person is involved in these activities, holds these political views, likes this kind of music, etc then who he/she is must be this. It's like sometimes people think that they can read a facebook page and know someone. Which is completely untrue. There may be times when the pieces do give an accurate depiction of the person, but no one can ever make that assumption.

There's a phrase and I have no idea who originated it but I think it's as true of a phrase as there is; A boring person is someone you just don't know well enough yet.

I have yet to really get to know someone without finding out something I could never guess in a million years about them and their life. The kinds of things that make me really think about what really goes into forming a person, where I sit and think "How could that have happened to them and they came out this way?" It opens my eyes just a little bit more every time. Every person has a story and every person is just as much a valid human being as me and the more I see other people in that way the more I allow myself to learn.

Peace out

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Kelsey Schneider said...

nice nice

hey, btw, if you know of any girls who need an apartment for the spring give them my info - i needz ta sublease my place! thanks :o)

love the blogs - you should totally do more